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Imagine the unimaginable!

HAIR 30 PROFESSIONNEL - the revolution of the year

This is the innovative and fast solution for thinning hair
How this works there?
In just 30 seconds :
  • Hide your baldness
  • Conceal scars, plaques, roots and gray hair
  • Make your thick hair
The result is immediate
Composed of microfiber, it contains the same organic protein (keratin) as your hair. That is why they merge so effectively ... discreetly!
HAIR 30 PROFESSIONNEL available in 7 shades
BlondeLight braunDark braunBlackSalt & PepperWhiteMahogany

Microscopic (0.2-0.5 mm) size, the keratin fibers are dyed pure and associated with a single macromolecular formula.

Naturally rich in electrostatic force, this formula provides a durable, resistant attachment.