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The Product Hair 30
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A revolution!

Hair 30 is exclusively for salon professionals in Switzerland for resale to consumers

The technology is unique microfiber Hair 30

How this works there?

Micro-sized (0.2 - 0.5 mm), the keratin fibers are dyed pure and associated with a single macromolecular formula. Naturally rich in electrostatic force, this formula provides a durable, resistant attachment.

Efficiency tested by professional

Hair 30 is the undisputed leader in microfiber hair.

These are the finest on the market!

A simple application ... and fast!

  • On dry hair
  • Shake the bottle to the area to cover
  • Microfibre Hair 30 cling to existing hair to densify the bald area
  • Use fixing spray to strengthen held microfibers

Take your picture in hand and enjoy it

Hair 30 allows you to instantly improve your level of trust for all important occasions in life.



  • For men and women
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Average duration of use: 1 month (1 pot = 25 gr)


  • Non-irritating
  • No side effects
  • Do not color your hair or skin
  • Do not run, do not stain


  • A unique combination of rich minerals of the Dead Sea
  • Keratin fibers 100% natural
  • Resistant to wind, rain and perspiration